Today, Testa is one of the largest industrial companies specialised in the production of fabrics for high-end, formal and casual shirting.

A creative team specialized in the development of more than 3.000 Jacquard, Yarn Dyed and Printed proposals exclusively designed for the most prestigious worldwide brands.

The collection is the result of thousands of inspirations and insights, research into new yarns and finishes and, above all, revival of tradition thanks to the company's historical archive which testifies the evolution of trends from 1920 up to today.


Almost one hundred years have passed since the time when, in 1919 in Romentino, an ancient village on the outskirts of Novara an entrepreneurial intuition led to the establishment of an innovative company dedicated to the production of silk fabrics for fine shirting and clothing.

An extraordinary evolutionary path is associated with the company until the post-war period – a difficult historical moment for silk – before it turns towards the production of cotton fabrics for men's shirting while maintaining a high-ranking position in supply and service.

Today, Romentino-based Testa is a benchmark for the production of fine shirting fabrics, a modern, key player rooted in knowledge and respect for an extraordinary tradition that speaks of creativity, experience, excellence and innovation.


All Testa production is verticalised and everything is created in-house in order to ensure complete control of the production process, through the experience of highly qualified company-trained staff for ensuring the authenticity of " Made in Italy ".

Testa has made selection of the best raw materials one of its strengths as well as the first step towards ensuring the highest quality standards in each step of its production process.

Capacity for design, know-how in weaving and experience in the textile finishing process create the culture of the Testa product as a hallmark of quality without compromises.